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If you are operating as an international, multinational or a global business with customers spread over different countries of the world, you must need to transport your products to different parts of the world.

Pallets, especially timber pallets, have proven themselves to be a perfect casing for shipping goods over long distances. They are lightweight yet strong enough to bear pressure and resist wear and tear over longer durations, with a capability to resist damage from rough handling and provide protection to the goods inside.

However, countries have varying quality, size and design specifications of pallets which they follow and as an exporter of your products, you may be in need of pallets that meet these specifications. Where Australian pallets size is 1165 x 1165, the pallet size as defined by the law for Europe and Asia is 1000 x 1200 and that for North America is 1219 x 1016. 1067 x 1067 sized pallets are eligible to be used in North America, Europe and Asia as well.

Export Pallets in Campbellfield, Laverton, Sunshine, Yarraville & Derrimut

Rita & Son Pallets are specialists in our field and can easily provide you export pallets in Laverton, Sunshine, Yarraville, Campbellfield, Melbourne and in other Melbourne suburbs so you can continue to do your business without any hurdles.

With our export pallets, we facilitate businesses in Laverton, Sunshine, Yarraville and other Melbourne suburbs to meet the size and design standards of pallets as outlined in the receiving country so they do not face any problems in shipping their products. All you have to do is let us know which country you want to send your goods to and we will provide you with top quality, durable and sturdy export pallets.

Benefits of Export Pallets Provided by Rita and Son Pallets for our Melbourne Clients

We can custom design export pallets for our clients in Laverton, Sunshine, Yarraville, Campbellfield, Melbourne and other Melbourne suburbs to meet the pallets specifications of receiving country. Getting export pallets from us offers following benefits to our clients:

  • Easy and smooth shipment of goods across borders;
  • Minimising the risk of damage associated with transporting goods over long distances;
  • Reduction in handling and wastage costs because the pallets will meet the pallets specifications as outlined by the receiving country;
  • Simplifying and smoothening of across-the-border transportation process.

Export Pallet Manufacturing Considerations

Every country has its regulations related to the quality of packaging materials, including pallets. Their law outlines the quality standards that pallets need to meet in order to be considered safe for use.

Each country has their requirements concerning treatment and marking of pallets. To save you from embarrassment and from incurring any penalty costs, we make sure that we meet all international regulations while manufacturing our export pallets; we also make sure that our pallets our marked properly, signifying their compliance with the quality specifications as specified by the receiving country.

For more details on the significance of using export pallets and how our export pallets can help your businesses in Laverton, Yarraville, Sunshine and in other Melbourne suburbs, in carrying on your operations smoothly, contact us at Rita and Son Pallets – your leading provider of export pallets in Melbourne!

Available in 3 or 4 bearers

  • 1000 x 1000mm
  • 1070 x 1070mm
  • 1100 x 1100mm
  • 1140 x 1140mm

We Custom Design and Manufacture Made to Order Pallet

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